This thing actually kind of sucks becaus…

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This thing actually kind of sucks because I can’t add links when I post this way (from the “Hi, douglas. Whatcha up to?” box in this theme). What’s up with that and why didn’t I notice it before I installed the P2 theme? I guess it’s because I don’t really post here much.

My personal blog was supposed to be a real thing of beauty, my ticket to blogging super-stardom. In reality it’s kind of a piece of crap. I try to do this shit for a living and frankly this site doesn’t pay me, so I don’t work on it much.

Well anyway, just testing this out writing things nobody will ever read.

How’s your mother? Tell her I said hi.


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Here is a correspondence with a person looking for some help building a Website. I don’t know why I am making a blog post out of it, it just seems interesting. Nobody reads the crap I write here anyway, right?!


Word on the street (actually a Twitter update from @XXXXXXXXX) is that you may be looking for some help with WordPress. I have some experience with WordPress and I could help you out and even teach you about it if you want. I have included my contact info in my signature, feel free to email or call me anytime.


Doug Coleman
Freelance Writer, Social Media, Multimedia, Web and Communications Specialist
Twitter: @dougcoleman
Phone: (503) 912-1446 (503) 869-3416 (cell)

I got this response:

Thanks for your interest in our project. I’ve heard from a bunch of folks interested in the re-design so I need to winnow. Any ideas on how to choose a web designer? I’d love to hear them. Thanks.

and I responded…

Hi Gary,

I would say right off hand to look at that person’s portfolio of sites they have designed. Do some research to see if their cost fits your budget. Speak with others that they have done work for. It sounds like a no-brainer, but meet that person face-to-face and simply see if you like them. A good designer should also have good communication skills as they need to communicate with those providing the content and administrators. You should have some sort of written contract that provides a timeline and spells out what is expected from both parties involved. I would say go local, there are many good Web designers in Oregon and the Portland metro area.

Ultimately, the success of a site is up to you (or whoever is in charge of it). You need to be very clear about your goals and expectations. It doesn’t hurt to meet with a consultant about the Web and what social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) could do for your business. It’s not as expensive as you might think to hire a consultant and most businesses really benefit from it.

Here is a search page about choosing a good Web designer. Look through these, there is some good info here:

I hope this helps, good luck.


I helped a little, right? I answer people’s questions like this all the time, on lots of different networks. I think I would make a great community manager…just sayin’.