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After seeing fellow Portland writer Steven Walling’s post Changes Afoot, it occurred to me that I should update my status to reflect my recent changes also.

I am no longer covering the weekend news beat at ReadWriteWeb.  In my situation, the amount of time I had to spend writing and covering breaking news during the weekend was not conducive to a harmonious family life.  I do hope I can continue to be useful to RWW in the future, as working there has been one of the great experiences of my life and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  It’s hardly possible to properly thank Marshall Kirkpatrick and founder Richard MacManus for the opportunity they have given me.  Working with the whole RWW team has been a worthwhile experience for sure.

Right now I am continuing to work as a freelance writer and I’m beginning to specialize in social media and community management.  I have been writing various articles for newspapers and magazines as well as online and lately have been putting out some feelers, looking for a “real job”.  I love freelancing, but the feast-or-famine nature of it is stressful now that I have a family to support.  There are at least a couple of exciting opportunities I am looking into and for now I am keeping my options open.

I am determined to do what I am passionate about for a living, that’s just how I roll.  This is a exciting and challenging time for me, I’ll keep you posted.


This thing actually kind of sucks becaus…

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This thing actually kind of sucks because I can’t add links when I post this way (from the “Hi, douglas. Whatcha up to?” box in this theme). What’s up with that and why didn’t I notice it before I installed the P2 theme? I guess it’s because I don’t really post here much.

My personal blog was supposed to be a real thing of beauty, my ticket to blogging super-stardom. In reality it’s kind of a piece of crap. I try to do this shit for a living and frankly this site doesn’t pay me, so I don’t work on it much.

Well anyway, just testing this out writing things nobody will ever read.

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