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snapshot-of-me-11I have repeatedly neglected my blog.  Which is not that big of deal because I write this blog for me, not necessarily you.  But like I’ve said to you before, I have good reasons.  The main reason is that I have taken my first professional blogging gig.  If you haven’t heard, I am writing for ReadWriteWeb’s new website, Jobwire (I haven’t updated my “About” page here yet).  This is challenging, but it is no excuse for not posting on my blog.

I have been wanting to re-do my blog for some time now and I’m not sure which direction to go.  I am still contemplating my next move.  Until I get it figured out, I am going to try to post more often, even if it is just links to other people’s cool stuff, videos, etc..  I also plan to write a series of posts about my wonderful experiences working with Marshall Kirkpatrick and our super-smart, supremely talented Jobwire team.

Here’s a couple of cool things to tide you over:

November 23rd Episode of Strange Love Live– With special guest Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb

The Great Portland Interview Experiment– Check it out, it’s another cool thing Portlanders are doing

San Francisco Artist Looks To Replace Lost Eye With Webcam

I am also going to start posting what apps I am using lately and probably post some screencasts and demos, so look for that.  Look for new, functional additions to the Multimedia Misfit real soon, like my recently added FriendFeed badge. Please feel free to contact me with tips and suggestions.