Another challenging and exciting year is about to begin and I want to welcome you to the Multimedia program at PCC. Our Multimedia Club’s officers have stayed in touch this summer and we plan to make this our best year yet. But before I tell you about our big plans, I want to give you some advice.

I can sum up my advice to students in the Multimedia program in two words; GET INVOLVED. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be involved in something besides your studies. The field of multimedia requires equal parts study, networking, collaboration and volunteering. Luckily, PCC’s Multimedia Club has got you covered.

Beginning October 6th, 2008 we will be holding “Multimedia Mondays”. During these gatherings there will be presentations (social media, technology, what’s hot, etc.), networking opportunities, brainstorming sessions and just plain fun. But wait, there’s more! Each one of our club’s officers has made a commitment to help fellow students all year long, through our (unofficial) mentoring program. Some of us “old salts” will be available to mentor new and returning students throughout the year. We not only have experience with the courses, but insight into what’s happening in the real world.

Other plans this year include various fundraising projects (we like to help charities), joint meetings with other PCC clubs, event hosting and much more. Feel free to give us your ideas. Show up to a meeting, contact us with your ideas, or simply stop me in the hall or lab. PCC Multimedia Club wants you!

Doug Coleman

PCC Multimedia Club President