**EDITOR’S NOTE**  I am very excited to be covering an event like this year’s iPhone DevCamp for my new blog.  But due to Apple’s iPhone SDK Non-Disclosure Agreement, not much can be said about what is (or is not) going on with applications being developed for the iPhone.

Developers and programmers who rely on a free exchange of information in order to learn to build new applications, are being asked to remain silent about the company’s iPhone Software Developers Kit.  That’s the word on the street and I’m sure they have their reasons.[Note to self;another post on those reasons]

I have been warned that the mandatory minimum sentence for violating Apple’s NDA is a thourough ass-beating from a couple of Steve Jobs’ thugs and if I live through that, they would excommunicate me from the Apple cult community and banish me from the internet. The rebel in me sees this as a challenge.  After all, I can take (or give) a good ass-beating.  Even the threat of getting the bejesus sued out of me doesn’t really scare me because, as Jim Goings (who is not my lawyer) pointed out; “you don’t need no stinking NDA”.  He’s right.  I haven’t yet signed up for the iPhone SDK, so I am under no obligation to abide by its non-disclosure agreement.  The fact is, any attention I might get from Apple, especially negative attention, could gain me lots of readers for my blog.

If I want to write for a living, I need that attention.  And while any gonzo journalist worth his notebook should jump at this perfect chance to stick it to the man, I have reasons for playing this one straight.  My main reason is that I do not want to jeopardize any person’s chance to make money on their applications.  These people work hard, often in obscurity, to get a chance to make some real money for themselves and their teams.  The other reasons also have to do with respect.  Respect for Jive Software, who provided the venue for this event.  Respect for those who organized and attended this event.  And above all, respect for a community that has nurtured and been very kind to me in my new career. For these reasons, I purposely choose to puss out and provide tomorrow’s content censored according to the iPhone SDK’s NDA .  DC**