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Thanks to the efforts of iPhone visionary Dean Martindale and Portland tech community supporter Jive Software, iPhone DevCamp 2 is holding a satellite event in Portland.  This event is open to the public and is free.

For those of you who are not familiar with iPhone DevCamp, here is a brief explanation from iPhone DevCamp.org:

iPhoneDevCamp 2 is an upcoming not-for-profit gathering to develop applications for iPhone and iPod touch using both the native SDK and web standards. This is a follow-on event to the first iPhoneDevCamp, held in early July 2007.

iPhone DevCamp Portland will take place August 2nd and August 3rd at Jive Software Map Link.  Here is what will be available at our satellite feed event:

  • 2 projectors (more if we really need it) – each connected to a MacMini (or your own computer)
  • Wi-Fi with fast, redundant Internet feeds
  • Seating for 40 (but probably less once tables, etc are setup)
  • Beverage cooler  with drinks
  • Coffee
  • Food is still being planned and people will not go hungry

Additionally, there will be a meet and greet on Friday evening August 1st, from 6pm to 8pm at the Living Room Theaters across the street from Jive and Powell’s Bookstore.

Participants will be able to participate in this year’s Hackathon!! Track up-to-the-minute updates from San Francisco at iphonedevcamp.org.

An agenda and further information can be found at: iPhoneDevCampPDX.pbwiki.org anyone interested in providing food sponsorship for this event please contact dougcoleman1@gmail.com or Dean Martindale.