Enthusiasm is high about an iPhone DevCamp 2 satellite event being held in Portland.  However, PCC Cascade informed us today that we will not be able to use their facilities to host DevCamp 2 PDX without paying almost $1000 in security and overtime fees.  Disappointing news, because plans have been in the works for weeks now and we have already announced it to the world.  This leaves us without a venue to host this event that is only a week and a half away.

If Portland iPhone developers show enough interest in this event and if we can find a suitable venue, iPhone DevCamp 2 PDX can still happen.  Keep in mind that we want to keep this a free event and we have almost no budget, so we need help!

A suitable venue would be large enough to host possibly 20+ people, have Wi-Fi access, a projector or other means of viewing a live satellite feed and an area for people to mingle and eat.

iPhone DevCamp 2 is Friday August 1st through Sunday August 3rd.  Friday evening would be for meet & greets and would not have to take place at the event venue.

If anyone is interested in going forward with this event or would like to help, contact me at: dougcoleman1@gmail.com or Dean Martindale