I have been slacking on my blog lately.  It is not because I have nothing to write about or nothing cool to show you.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Since the day I really discovered blogging and other social networks at WebVisions 2008 , I have thought of little else.  But there are other issues to consider when you enter the blogisphere, and I got a little spooked until I was able to sort it all out for myself.  The main issue I had was about privacy.  But instead of writing a post about privacy issues on the internet, I will just let you know the conclusions I reached about privacy:

1.  I don’t care if the world knows everything about me.  As long as I can keep my bank account, financial and medical records safe, I am not too concerned.  Otherwise, my life is an open book.

2.  I will use my own name.  After all, Doug Coleman is my brand right now.

3. I will put my resume and contact information in my blog.   I think a blog is a great tool to get work.

So, there it is.  I am not so spooked anymore.  Like I said in an earlier post (Why Have a Blog?), I am still very new to the whole social media scene and I have much to learn.  And I have much to write about.

Besides WebVisions 2008, I have had been to a number of events and gatherings that have given me a lot to write about.  At a DevGroup NW event, I heard Greg Rewis, the Group Manager of Creative Solutions Evangelism at Adobe Systems, Inc..  I also attended the Cascade Siggraph “Get a Job in Computer Graphics” event.  My PCC Multimedia Club has been busy building computers for needy students at Free Geek, and we just had our end of the year party.  I am fresh out of some interesting classes with Phillip Kerman, Scott Mazariegos and Mark Dustan.  I was not able to attend Ignite Portland 3, but I followed it on a Twitter feed (that was cool!).  I recently discovered Beer & Blog and met some great people.  I still want to review some great tools and techniques I use for multimedia projects.  These are but a few of the things I want to write about, not including my other interests.

In other words, I have no excuse for slacking on my blog.  Get Busy, Dude!