I am taking a course right now at Portland Community College that is called Multimedia Review, Test and Delivery.  It is a two day, 1 credit course that I need for my MM degree.  I must admit, I was not looking forward to it.  My weekends are precious to me and this is on a Friday and Saturday.  However, I have changed my mind after attending the first day.  The instructor, Mark Dustan, works for Jupiter Systems, who supply…”visualization solutions that help customers respond to the complex operational demands of security, defense, transportation, public utilities, education, and business communications”.  They are “The Display Wall Company”.  Without filling this post with Mr. Dustan’s entire history, I will say that he has worked for Sarif, Smart Technologies, Planar, and other multimedia companies and is a very informed expert on all things multimedia.

In the course we are going to test and deliver our Adobe Director projects from an earlier course.  One of the main ideas about this course is that you can re-purpose content for other applications.  To show us a little example of this, Beth Fitzgerald demonstrated how we can make our .dir files and convert them into .dcr (Shockwave) files that can be used on the internet.  I was familiar with how to do this, but the point about re-purposing content was well taken.  A good example of this is that more and more content is being used and produced for mobile phones and devices.  It makes sense for me to learn to make some of my web related projects useful on these devices also.

In this evening’s class, we learned who is using multimedia.  The list of multimedia applications and the spaces they occupy is staggering and continues to grow every day.  Airports, banks, news channels, casinos, briefing rooms, corporations, visitor experience centers, lobbies, conventions, grocery stores and gas stations are only a few of the places we are likely to see multimedia.

We were also reminded of a couple of important tips for anyone in a creative field like multimedia.  I will write more about these tips in later posts because they deserve their own attention.

It is important to note that multimedia and technology is always changing and we need to keep up those changes.  Mr. Dustan turned us on to the IEEE Video Blog, a video blog especially for the multimedia community.  I urge everyone to check out these videos made by experts who are on the bleeding edge of multimedia and technology.

I will be sure to write a full post about what I learned when the course is complete.  Stay tuned